Environmental Policy

We take our impact on the environment and nature’s resources very seriously.

We take great pride in working with one of nature’s most sustainable resources – wood.

We work with carefully selected manufacturers and use raw materials from sustainable sources wherever possible.

We aim to help plant at least one new tree for every interiors project we complete, through the International Tree Foundation or The National Forest.

We aim to keep our use of natural resources to a minimum, while still providing exceptional products and services.

We limit our travel to keep our carbon footprint low, yet know sometimes the best thing is to meet one-to-one.

We ensure the use of packing materials is kept to a minimum, while ensuring your delivery arrives in perfect condition.

We ensure the use of environmentally friendly paints and specialist coatings, while knowing they will protect our products for many years.

We recognise the future of our planet is in all our hands. 

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